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Sunday, September 6, 2015


This psychological thriller will make your hair stand up and your arms break out in goosebumps. Every day when Christine wakes up she has forgotten the last 20 years. She is really 42 but thinks she is 22. So every morning she is appalled that she has slept with someones husband. Then she must learn from sticky notes her husband has posted all over the house, and by reading her journal, who she is and where she has been. It's heart-wrenching for her every day to learn about her illness and to every day relive grief over the loss of her livelihood as a writer and her son who died years before.

Christine also learns from her journal that she is being helped by a doctor who wants her to keep their work a secret. He schools her every day about how to hide her journal, how he will call to trigger her need to find it, and that she is to call him on a secret phone that he provides. She remembers a best friend but can't find her and her husband doesn't want her to. So what is that all about? Painstakingly and slowly like removing layers of dried paint she learns about her accident, memory loss, and recuperation. Desperately every day she works on trying to keep some memories, but every time she falls asleep she loses them again.

When she starts to retain some memories her husband begins to get too controlling and secretive. When he plans a romantic trip for just the two of them she begins to suspect something amiss.

This book is billed as a thriller so you know there will be a huge twist and much spine-chilling action at some point and when it comes you will not be able to read fast enough to get to the end.

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