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Thursday, February 18, 2010

UNWIND - Neal Shusterman

Adams Central HS students read 
Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Oh my what a read! A few of us read this book for February discussion and there was such a rave going on about it that we have decided that the whole group should read it and discuss it for March.

It takes place sometime in the not too distant future in America after another civil war basically between right-to-life and pro-choice factions. A treaty was signed that assured the protection of every "life" upon conception. However, now there are may unwanted children who grow up in state homes or foster homes. At age 13 any child may be signed over to be "unwound" which is to be taken to a facility where they are used as donors until every piece of them is used to help someone else. Thus they are never destroyed but live on in some form.

Connor has been a discipline problem and so his parents have signed him over to be an unwind. When he flees he ends up banding with other unwinds and a "tithe" which is a person who has been given up to unwinding as a religious devotional sacrifice. If they can live until they are 18 they will be considered as adults and can refuse to be unwound.  What a page turner this is! I am so looking forward to the students insight and what they think about this provocative book.

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