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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh me oh my - changing focus

For the first time since I retired in June from my job as a school librarian I have to admit feeling sad, and my heart aches from missing the school kids.  Being busy every day with things that are fun, relaxing, or even doing work, but work I choose to do, is not quite dispelling my melancholy. It kills me that my (ex)-students are talking reading and good books with .... not me! I also need to change the sub-title of my book blog since I will no longer be discussing books with students. Need to think about that a bit.

But, I will not miss the politics at school, the rat race of getting everything done, trying to please cranky teachers (sorry), or trying to measure up to impossible goals from administrators.

Any adult who happens upon this blog, please remember to ask young people what they are reading. Young people have great insights and they just need to know that you care what they read and what they think about what they read. Working with young adults has been the light of my life for the past 15 years. I am still looking for the proverbial "new door" to open since closing this one.

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