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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I recently heard a segment on NPR with Ferguson which was very entertaining and witty. I thought my high school boys would be interested in this book maybe for one of their required nonfiction choices for class. So, I ordered it for my school collection and just finished it. Not that I read every book I buy, of course I don't, but this one I knew wouldn't take very long to read and I was interested in his story. I did enjoy the read but... I am still pondering whether I can put it in my school collection. It is very raw at times and the drinking, drug use, and swearing is beyond what I feel is acceptable for young people. Sometimes it is still permissible if there is a message or some form of remorse is presented but I don't really feel that from him so I am holding off on putting it in.

I would recommend it to any adult that is interested and the greatest parts are probably his political views and for sure the chapter about meeting president Bush and vice president Cheaney. I found it very interesting that on NPR he indicated that he feels he is a true American but wonders if he will go back to Scotland when he retires because they have better health care, mmmmmm.

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